Best Summer Alcoholic Drinks Ideas

There‘s nothing quite like an icecold drink on a hot summer day. Whether you‘re looking for something refreshing, fruity, or strong, we‘ve got the perfect list of summer alcoholic drinks for you. From spirits for cocktails like the Margarita to new favourites like the Aperol Spritz, there‘s something for everyone. So grab a friend and raise a glass to the best season of the year!

Goslings Gold Seal Rum

Goslings Gold Seal Rum is a delicate and elegant rum with complex layers of caramel and spice. It was first launched in 2016 to celebrate the partnership with the 35th Americas Cup. The special rum is made with the finest distillates that are aged independently and then blended in Bermuda, using generationsold Gosling family methods. Highly versatile, its great on the rocks or when incorporated in mixed drinks such as the South Shore, Bermuda Mule, Somers Gold, or Golden Tee classic Rum Swizzle.

Lanson Rosé Fruit Market Champagne

The Le Rosé Fruit Market gift box is the perfect way to enjoy the fresh, fruity, and delicate flavour of Le Rosé champagne. This champagne is balanced with notes of red fruits, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry, with a hint of citrus. The box is designed to echo the variety of fruits that are found in the champagne.

Monkey Shoulder Whisky

If you want a whisky with some personality this summer, go for Monkey Shoulder. This unique blend gets its name from Scottish slang for a muscular strain suffered by malt men during the days when whisky was still made by hand. The three main single malt whiskies in Monkey Shoulder are Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie – all from Speyside, the spiritual home of whisky. This gives Monkey Shoulder its distinctive fruity and rich flavour profile. Monkey Shoulder is a smooth, creamy, supple and very malty Scotch which works great neat, over ice, or in whisky cocktails where it really excels.

Batch & Bottle

Poppy Delevingne has recently been announced as the face of Batch & Bottle. The readytopour drinks are uncomplicated and come in four different flavours, allowing for the recreation of classics to suit every taste. The flavours include a Hendrick‘s Gin Martini, a Glenfiddich Scotch Manhattan, a Monkey Shoulder Lazy Old Fashioned, and a Reyka Vodka Rhubarb Cosmopolitan. Simply chill, pour, garnish, and enjoy.

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin is a full-flavoured gin with a complex taste that is perfect for mixing into cocktails. It’s made with 47 different ingredients, including juniper, citrus, spices, and a real Black Forest “secret weapon”, fresh lingonberries. The gin is distilled and matured in traditional earthenware containers, which brings out all of the flavours of the ingredients. Aficionados, bartenders and connoisseurs the world over have come to appreciate the incredible complexity and harmony of a gin, which has consistently been voted the No.1 Top Trending Gin brand in the World’s Best Bars.

Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin is a smooth, creamy, fullbodied gin that has been distilled using the same blend of seven exotic botanicals since 1793. It is produced in small batches only three times a week at England‘s oldest operating gin distillery in the South West of England. Ideally served with Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic over ice with a twist of lemon. Alternatively, savour its smooth taste in a classic cocktail.

Gin d’Azur

Taking inspiration from the famous beaches of southern France and inspired by the landscapes of Provence, Gin d’Azur is bursting with botanicals found in the regions of France. Crafted at the family-run distillery in Cognac, this gin is perfect to sip with fathers, friends and family alike and can be used to create delicate cocktails such as a classic Martini and Negroni.

Patrón Añejo

Patrón Añejo is a carefully distilled tequila that resembles the classic warm amber of whisky. Oak aged for over 12 months, it can be enjoyed on its own, on the rocks, or as a twist on the classic Old Fashioned Cocktail. With a finish of caramel & smokey notes, Patrón Añejo makes an ideal alternative for non-whisky drinkers.

Amaro Santoni

This floral Amaro comes from Santoni. Made using a blend of 34 botanicals, it takes its cue from the recipe first created in 1961, by its namesake, Gabriello Santoni. Use it in a flirty cocktail or drink it mixed with ginger ale over ice.

Chandon Garden Spritz

Offering a sweet and bitter taste, this Garden Spritz joins Chandon sparkling wine with an orange liqueur made from natural peel extract, select spices and oranges from Valencia. Designed as a ready-to-drink aperitif, it’s a natural, refreshing choice that’s free from artificial flavours and colours.

Lanique – Spirit of Rose

Like Turkish Delight? You’ll love a bottle of this delicate Polish liqueur, made using thousands of hand-picked rose petals, grenadine and gentle spice. Lanique’s recipe is over 200 years old dating back to a time when rose-flavoured spirits were all the rage with royalty across Europe.

Hawksbill Spiced Rum

An ethical choice, sales from each of these bottles help to fund turtle conservation projects in the Caribbean. Hawksbill brings together rum from Guyana and Trinidad with flavours of vanilla, raisin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and sea salt in this tasty blend.

Coachbuild Whisky

Ingredients from five regions of Scotland go into Coachbuild, a full-bodied, complex and well-balanced whisky that’s matured in ex-sherry oak casks. Enjoy notes of summer fruit, spice, toffee and just a little citrus. A long and soft finish provides hints of smoke along the way.

Malfy Con Arancia Blood Orange Gin

Botanicals, juniper, and prized Sicilian blood oranges harvested in November go into MALFY Con Arancia’s gin. The rich red peels are steeped in the liquid, pressed in a basket press and distilled in a steel vacuum still in Italy, before being bottled.

Fortnum’s X Spirit of George Expedition Gin, 70cl

Sold only by Fortnum’s, this classic London Dry has been infused with botanicals, flavours of the Himalayas and the brand’s own cocoa nibs, for a rich and luxurious finish. The award-winning Spirit of George Expedition Gin pays homage to the era of George Mallory’s exploration of Mount Everest.

El Bandarra

Designed to be imbibed outdoors on a hot summer’s day, this sweet aperitif hails from Barcelona. Mix one part Al Fresco with two parts of tonic, pour over ice, garnish with a twist of orange and enjoy in the sun.

El Sueno Watermelon

Tequila silver meets watermelon in this refreshing Mexican blend, that’s sweet and floral with a gentle touch of vegetal agave and lip-smacking citrus. Just made to be used in a watermelon margarita (frozen or chilled), El Sueno is also delicious sipped slowly.

Adriatico Amaretto

Part of the Adriatico collection, this almond-based beverage is made with nuts that are picked by hand in the Apulian countryside. Then roasted, macerate and distilled, the mixture is combined with cane sugar, cinnamon, cocoa, coffee, vanilla and just a touch of salt for a delectable take on this traditional Italian liquor.

Lillet Rose

You’ve tried the classic vermouth Lillet, now taste the rose version. Red and white Grand Cru Bordeaux wines, Peruvian quinine, sweet orange peels from Spain, bitter Haitian orange peel and various fruit liqueurs have been woven together to create this luscious fruity drink.

Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin has been distilled using the same blend of seven exotic botan

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