Guerlain and Moynat Unveil a Bespoke Fragrance Trunk

In a harmonious fusion of heritage, excellence, and innovation, Guerlain, the iconic perfume house, has joined forces with the esteemed luxury trunk maker Moynat to create an exquisite trunk for its Bespoke fragrance collection. This collaboration marks a pinnacle in the realm of luxury, showcasing a matchless interpretation of opulence and sophistication.

Guerlain, a Maison synonymous with a relentless pursuit of the exceptional and unique, has a storied history of pushing boundaries. Trailblazing in the realm of perfumery, the House pioneered bespoke creations, traditionally the domain of haute couture and high jewellery, and brought it into the realm of fragrances. The result is the Guerlain Bespoke fragrance, born from an alchemical blend of intensely personal inspirations and the creative prowess of the Maison’s Master Perfumer.

In a tribute to the essence of bespoke luxury, Guerlain turned to Moynat to craft a bespoke trunk, specially tailored to house the Guerlain Bespoke fragrance. Meticulously fashioned from the finest materials selected for their durability and aesthetic appeal, the trunk boasts a co-branded coated canvas, a meticulously crafted black leather handle, ornamental brass hinges adorning its exterior, and a delicate Alcantara lining. Within this masterpiece rests a one-litre Bee Bottle, encasing the unique Bespoke perfume. The trunk is further adorned with drawers on either side, resembling small safes designed to protect bottles of various sizes and accompanying accessories.

This collaboration transcends the ordinary, embodying a unique art de vivre that offers an unforgettable experience. It echoes the shared commitment to excellence that defines both Guerlain and Moynat, two iconic Maisons that, together, have created a masterpiece that goes beyond fragrance, capturing the essence of bespoke luxury in a trunk that is as exceptional as the fragrances it cradles.

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