Chef Kosei Takakura Brings The Art of Japanese Cuisine To Malaga

Malaga’s gastronomic scene has remained resilient throughout the challenges of the pandemic, and it’s exciting to continue to see innovations within the capital’s food scene. Chef Kosei Takakura now offers private dining experiences for guests looking to experience high-end Japanese cuisine.
Each experience is designed for a group of 4 guests, with Kosei Takakura preparing each dish in real-time.

Gourmet Japanese

Sunday lunch in Malaga capital can be many things these days, from a simple ‘espeto’ bamboo skewer of sardines, prepared on an open wood fire on the beach to a gourmet tasting menu of Andalucian specialities in a 5-star hotel.

Yet if you’re looking for an original dining experience, then book a private meal at Kosei Ramen in Calle Carreteria. This popular ramen restaurant is renowned for its Japanese home cooking, lunch, and supper dishes by Chef Kosei Takakura available from Tuesday to Saturday.

Yet when the restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays a little extra magic is worked by this young Japanese chef, when he offers private dining with exquisite, upscale Japanese dishes of sushi, nigiri, sashimi & soups.

Pop-Up Restaurant

This ‘pop-up’ gourmet Japanese restaurant is a passion for Chef Kosei.  Trained for over 10 years in the different fields of Japanese gastronomy from sashimi, sushi to tempura, Kosei Takakura has dreamed of having his own place where he can offer guests a memorable meal.


When you arrive, you are invited to surrender choices for your meal to the chef – what’s seasonal, what fish has reached the perfect stage of aging all influence what will be offered and prepared on the day.

This notion of ‘leaving it up to the chef’ is known as Omakase. With Chef Kosei Takakura ine feels in safe hands, creating a balanced meal of fish, soups, and even sweet treats.

Fish Aging

It’s a common misconception that fish for sashimi, nigiri or sushi is fresh or freshly defrosted, without any ageing. Yet to experience more complex flavours, there is a sophisticated and time-honoured tradition of Japanese fish ageing; and Chef Kosei Takakura is becoming an expert.

Just by aging by a few weeks, subtle changes occur that create a unique experience for diners.

A Touch of Andalucia

Of course, Spain is one of the great fish-eating nations and the markets here are filled with some of the best marine produce in the world.  Chef Kosei Takakura is thrilled to be using Andalucian ingredients in his menus, from melt-in-the-mouth bluefin tuna from Barbate, Cadiz, ‘salmonete’ red mullet ; to exquisite ‘quisquillas’ prawns, and wild sea bream from Huelva.

Funnily enough Chef Takakura is a ‘southerner’ too – coming from the island of Kyushu. He retains a passion for his country’s ingredients and imports genuine high-quality ingredients from Japan and further afield, such as divine black cod, Japanese scallops, and of course the rice. Although Andalucia is a major rice producer, Takakura uses special sushi rice, but he dies use a mature red wine vinegar that gives the rice a distinctive rose colour.

Yet no foreign chef that comes to Andalucia can ignore the region’s liquid gold.  Chef Kosei managed to include some Andalucian olive oil in the menu – mixing it with Japanese matcha green tea powder and swirling into a white chocolate crème as a pudding – a simple, yet fabulous pudding.

Andalucian olive oil with Japanese matcha green tea powder and swirled t into a white chocolate crème

Our waiter Jonathan suggested a French Cotes du Rhone and a superb Rioja of white Tempranillo & Chardonnay to accompany the dishes.

A memorable experience that is highly recommended.

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